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High Point League Lingo & Upcoming Schedule

High Point offers adult leagues year-around. All matches are played on site. Each league runs for seven weeks. You will play on the same day and time, based on the league(s) you choose. Tennis singles, fixed, mixed and progressive doubles leagues are available. Pickleball women’s progressive doubles, men’s progressive doubles leagues and fixed partner mixed doubles leagues are available as well. Descriptions of league play levels and a calendar with league registration and play dates are listed below.

League "Lingo"

"CAREER" refers to a women's league. "MEN" refers to males-only leagues. "PROGRESSIVE" means that you register as an individual. High Point assigns you a different partner each week, during this doubles league. "MIXED" refers to a fixed doubles league with male/female teams. Note: Leagues with nicknames or surnames are private leagues - and by invitation only.

Description of league levels

C-LEVEL is our entry-level league. It is geared toward individuals who have completed High Point's tennis or pickleball classes, are new to formal tennis/pickleball competition or have a tennis USTA 2.5 rating or USA Pickleball rating of 2.5.

B-LEVEL (may also be listed as 3.0) is our intermediate level. Eligible Individuals have a 3.0-3.5 USTA or USAPickleball Rating, and may have participated in USTA, TCD, METRO or other formal competitive tennis venues.

A-LEVEL (may also be listed as 3.5 or 4.0) is our advanced level. Individuals should have a 3.5 or higher USTA or USA Pickleball Rating, play on teams within USTA, TCD, or METRO or have competed in college/other organizations.

CHAMPS-LEVEL is a men's singles tennis league. Players have a 4.0+ USTA rating or ability level.

find your match details

Get league play schedule and match results.

1. Click on the internet symbol for all High Point leagues.
3. Scroll until you find your league.

How to self-rate: TENNIS

Click the question mark and complete the United States Tennis Association's (USTA) self-rating form to get an idea of your league level.


Click the arrow to review the rating criteria established by USAPickleball. This site also has skill assessment sheets available for download.

2021 High Point Adult League Schedule

This schedule lists registration and play start dates for each league session.
*All Dates Subject to Change*
Winter League Registration StartsJanuary 4, 2021
Winter League StartsJanuary 23-29
Spring League Registration StartsMarch 8
Spring League StartsMarch 27-April 2
Summer I League Registration StartsMay 3
Summer I League StartsMay 22-May 28
Summer II League Registration StartsJune 28
Summer II League StartsJuly 19-25
Fall I League Registration StartsAugust 30 (Plano residents)
August 31 (Non-residents)
Fall I League StartsSeptember 13-19
Fall II League Registration StartsOctober 18
Fall II League StartsNovember 8 -14
Winter 2022 League Registration StartsJanuary 3, 2021
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