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Calendar & How To's...

High Point offers on-site leagues year-around. Each session runs for seven weeks. The only exception is the Mini League, which runs for five weeks around the winter holidays. Leagues offered include singles, fixed doubles, progressive doubles, and mixed doubles.

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Winter League Registration Starts January 7
Winter League Begins January 26
Spring League Registration Starts March 4
Spring League Begins March 23
Summer I League Registration Starts April 22
Summer I League Begins  May 13
Summer II League Registration Starts June 24
Summer II League Begins   July 12

Fall League Registration Starts

August 19

Fall League Begins  September 9
Mini-League Registration Starts October 28
Mini-League Begins November 18
Winter League Registration Starts January 6, 2020














  • C-LEVEL is our entry-level (those new to competing) league. This is geared toward individuals who have completed High Point's "Learn & Play II" class, those who have a 2.5 USTA Rating  or who have played tennis occasionally over the years.

  • B-LEVEL (may also be listed as 3.0) is our intermediate level. Individuals have a 3.0-3.5 USTA Rating, and may have participated in USTA, TCD, METRO or other formal competitive tennis venues either in Texas or elsewhere.

  • A-LEVEL (may also be listed as 3.5 or 4.0) is our advanced level. Individuals should have a 3.5 or higher USTA Rating, and typically belong on several teams within USTA, TCD, or METRO. They have often competed in college or other formal competitive tennis venues either in Texas or elsewhere.

  • CHAMPS-LEVEL is a men's-only league and refers to those with a minimum of 4.0+ USTA rating or ability level.


"CAREER" refers to a women's league. All Men's leagues will be listed as "MEN'S."

"PROGRESSIVE" means that you register as an individual. High Point assigns you a different partner each week, during this doubles league.

"MIXED" means one male and one female on each side of the court. 

How to Register


2. Enter "Tennis League" in the keyword seach box.

3. Scroll until you get to the section where leagues are listed (they all start with the word "Tennis" ie. "Tennis Mens B2 Singles League Thursday").

4. Find the league you'd like to join, add it to your cart and checkout. NOTE: You must have a Plano Parks & Recreation account. However, you do not need to be a Plano resident! To set up an account, please click on Park & Rec's "Create an Account".


You may also register by stopping by or calling High Point Park Tennis Center at 972-941-7170.


How to Find Weekly Match Information

Find out who your partner/opponents are each week and to check scores:PNRsite

1. Go to "Recreation Online"

2. Click on the "Leagues" tab. This link lists all High Point leagues.

3. Scroll until you find your league.

NOTE: There are usually two seasons listed, while make ups are being completed. Therefore, please pay special attention to the season title (ie SPRING, SUMMER I, SUMMER II, etc). 

Substituting for Leagues:

Is the league you want full? Then we encourage you to ask to be waitlisted. Waitlist players are the first to be offered opportunities to sub or even permanently replace players during the league if someone needs to drop out. There is no cost for this--we appreciate your willingness to fill in!

How to Self Rate (figure out your play level)

Complete the self-rating form to get an idea of your league level. Click on the USTA'S "NATIONAL TENNIS RATING PROGRAM."