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Finding or Becoming a Sub

High Point Leagues run year-round and typically last seven weeks. Oftentimes, substitutes are needed due to scheduling conflicts, injuries, or other personal commitments. The Pro Shop staff keeps a "Sub Book" just for this reason. Players who are having a challenge finding a temporary replacement can request help from our staff, who then check this book for available players.

For individuals who aren't ready to join a league, filling in is a great way to gain valuable experience on a more limited scale. If you would like to be considered, stop by the Pro Shop or call (972) 941-7170, option 5.

To be added to our list, you will need to provide the following information:notebook

  • Name

  • Playing Level (A-advanced-3.5 and higher), (B-intermediate-3.0 to 3.5), or (C-entry level-2.5 to 3.0)

  • Type of league that you are interested in subbing for (Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles)

  • Availability (weekdays, weeknights, weekends)

  • Phone Number(s)

  • Email Address

That's it!

When we get a request for help, we will match the league player's request to the individuals who meet the criteria in our book. You will then receive a call from either a High Point staffperson or the league player who needs a replacement. There is no cost for agreeing to sub.

We appreciate your willingness to fill in!