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Tennis Class FAQ, Information and Policies

Springtime is here & our tennis classes are waiting for you!

IMG 7119Have you ever wanted to learn tennis? Check out our extensive programing for children, teens, and adults.

Little ones ages 5-10, are introduced to tennis with the QuickStart play method. This includes using smaller racquets, (semi) de-pressurized balls, smaller courts, and modified scoring. Instructors use a combination of fun games and basic instruction so that young players quickly learn to rally and play actual games in a short amount of time.

For Teens through Adults, progressively more challenging classes are available. Individuals may start with a beginner class or choose a more advanced class if they have prior tennis experience. 

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How to Register

Registration for tennis classes at High Point Tennis Center is handled through the Plano Parks and Recreation Online system.  Here, you can view all programs & register. Note: for Junior Development programs (Pre-Junior Development, Future Stars, Competitive, High Performance), you must contact the Pro Shop.  

How to Request a Refund

Full refunds will be granted when requested more than one week prior to the start date of the course/program.

Refunds requested less than one week prior to the start date of the course/program will not be granted unless the vacated spot is filled.  If the spot is filled, a refund  will be granted, less a $5.00 administrative fee.  Medical refunds requested prior to the start date of the course/program will be granted in full.  A doctor's note must be provided for all medical refunds requested after the start of a class.  In these cases, the refund may be pro-rated.

It's Raining at my House! Is Tennis Class Cancelled?

There's a simple way to find out how the weather is affecting tennis programs! Download the "Rainout Line" app onto your Android or iPhone. Enter "Plano" in the search box. Click on "Plano Parks & Recreation RainoutInfo." A listing of Parks & Rec facilities israinoutline listed, including High Point. Tap on the star to make it a favorite! Want updates automatically sent to your phone? Tap on the bell.

How Re-Scheduling a Class is Done when Cancelled by High Point

Classes that do not meet due to bad weather (or other unexpected circumstances) will be rescheduled at a later date by your instructor. Please check directly with the instructor for date and time.

Safety and Phone Use

Your child's safety is our highest priority. Please make sure to note their class ending time for prompt pick up. Space is limited in the shop & children get anxious if a parent does not show on time. Discuss with your child a designated pick up place.

Phone Use: Due to the high volume of calls and customers in the shop, we are unable to provide access to a facility phone for non-emergency calls. If a class ends early (ie due to rain) or your child is not feeling well, a staff member will be glad to call you.


Students are allowed to make up ONE class due to absence by attending a class of the same level on another day and/or time. This make-up MUST be completed within the the current class session & must be the same type class (ie taking Beginner, make up must be a Beginner class). Please check with the pro shop desk staff for the days/times of alternative "same level" classes.


Classes do not typically meet on legal holidays or  school holidays (PISD). To verify your class schedule, please check with your instructor.


Students may use a High Point loaner or "demo" racquet for their first three classes. After three classes, all students should have their own racquet. If you or your child needs to purchase a racquet, our Pro Shop offers competitive prices combined with knowledgeable, professional advice and service. Our tennis professionals will assist you in proper racquet selection. Factors to consider include: grip size, frame weight, head size, flexibility, composition and proper stringing. We recommend that you "demo" any racquet before purchasing. Your instructor can bring "demos" to class for your use.

Individual Practice Opportunities

Hoppers (baskets) of practice balls and ball machines are available for rent. These are a great way to continue practicing outside of class sessions. Instructors and Pro Shop staff can show you how to adjust the ball machines for best use. Plus, we offer private instruction by our certified pros. Click on private lessons for general information and the fee schedule. Click on staff bios to learn more about our staff!

Class Advancement

Advancement through class levels is a very individual process. Some students will be ready to advance after only one session at each level. Other players, because of different levels of natural ability, practice time, and prior experience, may need to repeat a level before advancing to the next one. Please check with your instructor after the 2nd or 3rd class to determine the next most appropriate class for your child. After consulting with your instructor, please register for the next session as soon as possible to ensure a spot in the desired class.

We welcome your questions about and suggestions for our tennis program. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..