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Teen/Adult Tennis Classes

Get on the court! Register for Spring 2019 tennis classes!

Our Teen and Adult classes will teach you the correct 'stance,' groundstrokes, overheads, volleys, and serves. Each class has a minimum of four students and a maximum of eight. Players are encouraged to continue learning and playing through progressively more challenging courses.  With each class, our pros spend more time on point-play like situations.

Not sure where to start?adults

For Teens, the sequence is: Beginner, Advanced Beginner I, Advanced Beginner II, Learn N Play or High Performance Junior Development.

For Adults, the sequence is: Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Learn N Play, High Point intra-facility leagues, and then, if interested, team play (participating in USTA, TCD, or Metro leagues).  If interested in team play, please contact High Point for more information.

What we offer...

Listed below are the Teen and Adult instruction courses offered at High Point Park Tennis Center. Please click on Recreation Online for current group tennis class, adult workout, and adult league fees, schedules, availability, and registration details. 

    • Beginner (Teen/Adult) — Introductory class for players with little or no tennis experience. Emphasis is on serve, backhand, and forehand ground strokes.

    • Advanced Beginner I (Teen/Adult) — A continuation of the Beginner class or for players with some prior instruction and playing experience who have not been playing tennis recently. Main emphasis is still on serve and ground strokes with the volley and singles strategy being introduced.

    • Advanced Beginner II (Teen/Adult) — A continuation of Advanced Beginner I class with emphasis still on serve and ground strokes. The volley and singles strategy are emphasized more. Doubles play is introduced. Actual play with instructor observing is included.

    • Learn N Play I (Teen/Adult) — For the player who has been taking the beginner/advanced beginner classes who wants to play actual games in preparation for future league play. Course is also designed for the player who has played league tennis in the past but has not played recently and is wanting to brush up on strokes and match play before starting league play again. men class2Class time is divided into 45 minutes of instruction and drill with a pro and 45 minutes of play with other members of the group. Players may take this course twice before required advancement to Learn 'N Play II. 

    • Learn N Play II (Teen/Adult) — Continuation of Learn 'N Play I but with more time devoted to supervised playing of matches. Emphasis is on tactics and strategy of doubles.