February 26, 2024

Reaching new heights of excellence in junior tennis

Requirements to Program Acceptance


High Point has set specific requirements for acceptance to the High Performance Juniors and 10 and under programs:

High Performance Juniors – 

  • Ages 12 and under: minimum UTR of 4
  • Ages 14 and under: minimum UTR of 5
  • Ages 16 and under: minimum UTR of 6
  • Ages 18 and under: minimum UTR of 7

High Performance 10 and under  players do not need a UTR. However, they must be pre-approved by a High Point Coach. Students must demonstrate a serious commitment to learning and improving their skills. Those admitted to this program must be willing to commit to attending 2-3 times per week. They must have prior experience playing tournaments and continue to compete in tournaments.

Dylan is ranked #7 in the United States for Boys’ 12 and under tennis.


Under the leadership of Co-Directors Dencil Johnson and Kriszta Kovacs, this program covers the following key elements:

  • planning & leading workouts

  • on-going training for all coaches

  • a periodization plan for players

  • evaluation of and progress reports for players on a regular basis

  • tactical/mental/physical/technical skill-building to all players.


Juniors: Who are highly motivated players seeking sectional and national rankings. This program is limited to Super Championship qualified players and highly motivated Championship players.

10 & Under:  Motivated students ages 10 and younger, who want to develop skills through a more intensive training program that will help them become top performers. Players are competing in tournaments, taking private lessons, and have goals of earning high sectional and national rankings. 

Participants for both groups must have pre-approval by Coach Dencil Johnson or Coach Kriszta Kovacs to enroll. Players are encouraged to take private lessons in addition to registering for the High Performance option. 

High Performance Juniors and High Performance 10 and Under Programs:

Our over-arching mission is to develop new heights of excellence within our junior players, using the best practices of the tennis industry. We use a multi-faceted team approach that provides a clear and logical development pathway  — from beginner level to nationally ranked player.

Requirements for entrance to our High Performance programs are outlined below. Please note: Participants in the Juniors program must have a Universal Tennis Rating (UTR)

For a good summary of both the United Stated Tennis Association (USTA) National Tennis  Rating Program (NTRP) and the Universal Tennis Rating (UTR), click Tennis Ranking Systems.

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