July 12, 2024

Tennis competitors of Dallas (TCD)

TCD operates across the Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex and has over 6,000 members.

This league offers doubles match play for teams of women (TCD), women age 50 and above (Love 50), women age 60 and above (Love 60), as well as Mixed Doubles.


USTA offers tournaments in singles and doubles formats. To participate, you must meet the eligibility requirement for the tournament (NTRP rating). Many players enjoy tournaments because they are a minimal time commitment (typically a weekend), are held in all 50 states, and are a great way to improve both skill and potentially one's rating.

Metroplex Tennis League (METRO)

METRO offers women a weekend tennis league option. All matches are doubles format.

United States Tennis Association-Texas Section (USTA)

USTA is a nationwide organization, with its headquarters in Florida. Teams participate from 13 regions across the country (Texas is considered its own region). Groups include: Men's Singles & Doubles, Women's Singles & Doubles, and Mixed Doubles.

Frequently asked questions

There are three  ways to find a team. First, contact our pro shop. Provide any staff member with your name, phone number, email address, NTRP Rating or Self-Rating (USTA), and what league(s) interest you. When teams notify us that they are seeking new members, we will give them your information. Second, complete and post a card on the “Partner UP!” section of the bulletin board in the shop. Players and team captains regularly look for players through this resource. Finally, we encourage you to get involved in the adult tennis workouts, High Point leagues, and/or private lessons. This is a great way to meet other players (who are already on teams) and interact with coaches who also drill teams based out of High Point. So increase your visibility, and get out on the court!

Requirements are typically based on age, gender, and play level.

Since play level generates the most questions, most league organizations refer to USTA’s National Tennis Rating Program ( NTRP) rating. If you haven’t competed through USTA, you can still “self rate” by assessing your skills against USTA’s “General and Experienced Player Guidelines.” 

All High Point Adult League matches are played at High Point Tennis Center.

“USTA, TCD, and METRO Leagues are comprised of teams located out of tennis facilities across the metroplex. These facilities are called “Home Courts” for the teams that formally play out of them. Teams from each facility (such as High Point) are responsible for registering with the desired League Organization directly. That league then groups registered teams by “Flight”(play level). Before a season starts, the same organization develops the  match play schedule within each flight.  While there are some variations, typical procedure is that approximately half of the season’s matches are played “at home” and approximately half of the matches are played “away,” at the opponent’s home court facility. After each match is completed, the “Home Court” Captain is responsible for submitting the final scores to the League.

The “Partner UP!” section of the pro shop board is a simple and effective way to find practice partners.

Another fun solution is participating in the High Point Adult Leagues. These leagues give you seven week’s of matches to meet and compete against others in a social setting.

Try a Singles League or Progressive Doubles League!

*Progressive Doubles Definition: You sign up as an individual for a doubles league, and we assign you a different partner each week, in addition to your opponents for each match! 

Tournaments vary by organization.

High Point offers mixers throughout the year.

TCD holds a “Boot Camp” and “Pre-Season Tournament” for members each season.

USTA has an extensive schedule of tournaments for adults interested in competition outside of the regular league season. To view the schedule and information go to: USTA.COM.

More questions? Please email High Point staff.

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