July 12, 2024


Group Classes

Start at any level based on your play experience – Beginner, Advanced Beginner I, and Advanced Beginner II. 

Classes are held twice a week for three weeks, either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. Each class is one hour. 

Registration for all programs is processed through Plano Parks and Recreation. Note: If an activity is full, please add yourself to the waitlist!

Beginner Pickleball covers an in depth overview of rules, court layout, equipment, strategy, and game play. It is designed for the player new to Pickleball. To advance to the next level players must serve, return, and volley with a consistency of 3/10.

Skills covered:

  • Follow the pathway of the ball

  • Learn the strokes: forehand, backhand, and overhead

  • Serve & return the ball; Engage in volleys.

Advanced Beginner I Pickleball is a follow up to the Beginner Pickleball class. We will work on improving your ground strokes, overheads, volleys and serve. Designed for the player who has limited Pickleball experience and/or has taken the beginner class.

Skills Covered: 

  • Add direction and control to forehand and backhand shots 

  • Improve technique on serves, volleys, and drive shots, Initiate a dink rally.

Advanced Beginner II Pickleball is a continuation of improving on the skills learned in Advanced Beginner I. Students must complete Advanced Beginner I prior to enrolling in this program.  

Cancellation Policy:
Participants must call High Point to withdraw from a class at least one week before the first class. Withdrawals within one week will not receive a refund.


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