September 28, 2023

Pickleball Class Descriptions

Group Classes

Take a class! Start at any level based on your play experience. Descriptions for each of the levels & proficiency expectations are included below. A link to the Plano Parks and Recreation site for pickleball class schedules & registration follows the descriptions. Registration for all programs is processed through Plano Parks and Recreation. Note: If an activity is full, please add yourself to the waitlist!

Beginner Pickleball – Overview of rules, court layout, equipment, strategy, and game play.

Skills covered:

  • Follow the pathway of the ball;

  • Learn the strokes: forehand, backhand, and overhead;

  • Serve & return the ball; Engage in volleys.

To advance to next level: Players serve, return, and volley with a consistency of 3/10.

Advanced Beginner I Pickleball – Improve your ground strokes, overheads, volleys and serve.

Designed for the player who has limited Pickleball experience and/or has taken the beginner class.

Skills Covered: 

  • Add direction and control to forehand and backhand shots; 

  • Improve technique on serves, volleys, and drive shots, Initiate a dink rally. 

Cancellation Policy:
Participants must call High Point to withdraw from a class at least one week before the first class. Withdrawals within one week will not receive a refund.


Rent a court for some practice time!

Court Fees:

$3.25 for Plano residents

$4.33 for non-residents

(rates include sales tax and are per player)

Court rentals are for 90 minutes.

You may reserve a court up to two days in advance. 

Annual Plano Resident Court Pass:

Good for one year from date of purchase. “Resident” status means physically resides in Plano, TX.

Adult Resident $150.00 + Tax

Youth Resident $85.00 + Tax

Resident Family $260.00 + Tax 

Annual Non-Resident Court Pass:

Adult Non-Resident $230.00 + Tax

Youth Non-Resident $130.00 + Tax

Non-Resident Family $390.00 + Tax

*Annual Pass Memberships do not guarantee a court is available at the time requested. Passes apply only to the regular court reservation for that individual or covered family members.

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