September 28, 2023


Players must bring their own balls. We also sell the Onix Dura Fast in a 4-pack.

Instructional program fees include balls.

Pickleball Paddle Rental Policy

Regular Court Rentals or Participation in Special Events Policy

  • Rental fees must be paid by anyone that has reserved a court or is playing in a High Point Tennis Center program (mixer, paddle battle, special event, etc.)

Instructional Program Policy  (Group Lessons, Intro to Pickleball, Private Lessons)

  • Players may “demo” a paddle on-site at no charge, while participating in an instructional program (limited to three instructional sessions). 
  • It is recommended players purchase their own paddles after three sessions.


On-Site  –  $3.00 +tax per paddle payable in advance (car keys, credit card or driver’s license must be left with staff)

Off-Site  –  $5.00 +tax per paddle payable in advance (copy of driver’s license and credit card will be made by staff)

All rental fees can be used towards the purchase of a new regularly priced paddle.*

*Does not apply towards paddles that are already reduced in price.

 Effective October 24, 2022

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