April 14, 2024

March 15, 2021 – Center Court is Completed

While Mother Nature decided to throw Texas a few surprises, work on the center court continued. We are excited with the outcome! Landscaping is now being planted along the exterior fencing. Final ‘to do’ items include: center court viewing stand, completion of work along the original entrance sidewalk, with some other minor finishes. Both the  center court and children’s playground will open once all work is completed. Estimate is now the end of March….weather permitting.

February 5, 2021 – Center Court the Focus

Work has been progressing on High Point’s center court–despite a good amount of rain! We are now in the home stretch of this project. The court will have its own viewing area with stadium-type seating.  Remaining jobs include: finishing the sidewalks, replacing the sidewalk to original main entrance and putting finishes touches on the new playground. Goal is to have all work completed by the end of February!

November 18, 2020 – New Pro Shop is a smash success!

The new shop has been open for a week and the results are in. Our customers LOVE the new facility! The new shop is spacious with terrific balcony views from the second floor. High Point continues to have the best-stocked pro shop in Texas with even more tennis and pickleball merchandise for purchase. Stop by and learn more about what we have to offer!

November 11, 2020 Moving Day!

Plenty of excitement (and hard work!) as we bid farewell to our original pro shop, built in 1977, and move into the new building. The demolition crew has already started to dismantle the old shop to make room for the new center court as well.

November 11, 2020

New pro shop entrance! Please do not attempt to go through the construction area. A new walkway is available to guide customers to our new entrance. Please see diagram and photos below. Easy walk!

November 2, 2020 – Pro Shop move is here

Our move into the new building is scheduled for Wednesday, November 11. During the actual move, we will be in a semi-closed status, in that players will not be allowed into either building. We expect that play will continue (including lesson and league programs) but we will update you as we get more details. After the move, the current building will be demolished and the construction of the new center court and completion of the playground will begin. During that phase, the entrance we have always used (between courts 1-4 and 7-10), will be closed. The construction of the new court will take 2-3 months, depending on weather conditions. Finally, our court re-surfacing project has been going well. We are down to the final two courts (5 & 6). Again, weather permitting, these courts should be finished in 2-3 weeks.

October 16, 2020

We are all getting excited as construction continues at a steady pace. Phase 1 (new fences, resurfacing of courts, new building, and new parking lot) should be finished in November. Phase 2 (demolition of current building, new court 11, new playground, and new sidewalks) will begin shortly after the move into the new building.
The new building is beautiful and spacious! We think everyone will be very happy with our new home.

June  29, 2020

Construction of the new building has progressed nicely since our last update. The roof has been finished and most of the exterior brick siding has ben laid. Inside the building, work is continuing at a brisk pace on the fire sprinkler system, wiring, plumbing, etc. The building is expected to be completed near the end of September.

The resurfacing of all courts (except Pickleball/Quick Start courts, which were already resurfaced), will start around August 3. It will take about 45 days to complete that portion of the project.

Once we have moved into the new building, the existing building will be demolished and a new center court will be built in that spot. The expected completion of the new Court 11 and new playground will be near the end of December.

Click on any photo for a bigger shot!


Hot, sunny weather certainly has its advantages! A/C units have been installed on the roof, second floor rails are up, and workers have begun to lay the exterior brick siding. Walls and roofs only work when you have floors, right?! So today marked the concrete pour for the outdoor patio area.

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The new shop is taking form quickly, with those on QuickStart court #8 already benefiting from the late afternoon shade.

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Fortunately, construction continued during our state-mandated closure during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to more accommodating weather, work was finished under the main walkway and yes! The workers were able to save those beautiful trees. Bids are now being solicited for court re-surfacing.

The most exciting development has been delivery of materials for the new pro shop. So in the spirit of  “a picture is worth a thousand words,” enjoy the latest photos. 

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Construction work has continued as we await clearance to re-open for business.
The installation of new black fencing and black windscreens is almost complete and we think you will like the finished product! The play ground and all sidewalks east of the pro shop have been removed. New sidewalks will be laid within the next two weeks and all new playground equipment will eventually be installed closer to the end of the project. The two major issues (new water line for fire sprinkler system and the structural steel design delay) that have slowed construction will soon be resolved.
Due to the rainy weather we have recently experienced and the construction delays mentioned above, the expected completion date for the new pro shop has been pushed back from July 2020 to September 2020. The completion of the remaining project (mostly the construction of the new court 11) has been pushed back to December 2020.
While we do not like the delay, the new building and renovated facility will be fantastic well worth the wait! Click on a photo for larger view.
03/20/20…..A Silver Lining!
While High Point is currently closed as a preventive measure to COVID-19 , construction work has continued as we await clearance to re-open.
New fencing, re-painted posts, and installment of new gates is almost complete on Courts 7-10 as well as the Pickleball-Quick Start courts. The new pro shop’s elevator shaft is also starting to take shape. Work on fencing, posts, and gates for courts 1-6 is expected to start next week.
Good things are still happening! 
Click on any photo for a bigger shot!
Work has been underway re-painting fence posts and installing new fencing, windscreens and gates. On the interior sides, the fences are being lowered to allow for better viewing. This has been completed on courts 12-18 for the most part. The fencing and windscreens on courts 19-21 are now being replaced. Courts will also be re-surfaced this summer once the weather stabilizes.
The slab for the building was poured today!
Frequent rains in January and February have slowed the project considerably (laying of utility lines and preparation of building foundation). As a result, the expected completion date has been pushed backed to November 2020.
The laying of new utility lines is almost complete, the pouring of concrete for the new parking lot was finished recently, and the drilling of piers for the new building should start soon. We expect the replacement of the chain link fencing and windscreens to start in the next few weeks. While the pace of construction slowed considerably during the holidays, the crews having been working at a good pace and the project is currently on schedule.
While the utility work is being done (including trenching), the entrance to the facility will move around. Directional signs are posted to assist customers. 


It is expected that the area in front of the shop will remain torn up through the end of next week. One trench has been dug, the corresponding line (water, sewer, fire, etc), has been laid and the hole filled. However, there are three more trenches to be dug, and the lines laid in that same area. The entrance to the facility is expected to remain the same until the three trenches are completed.

The main sidewalk entrance in to the facility will be closed for the next week (November 18-24). Part of the entrance detour goes through our pickleball/ quickstart courts. Please be mindful of those playing and only cross courts when play has stopped.


Pogue Construction Company broke ground last week, on the long awaited 4.5 million dollar project to update our facility. Phase 1 includes the demolition of court 11 (shown in photo), the building of a new parking lot along Spring Creek Pkwy and the construction of a new pro shop between court 12 and the Pickleball courts (where court 11 was).

In Phase 1, we will also lose court 12 while the contractor uses it as a staging area. We will also lose about one-half of the north parking lot for the same reason.

Phase 2 will include the construction of a new court 11 and a children’s playground. The entire project is expected to take one year to complete.

We have been asked by the contractor and the City of Plano to ask our players to not carry on conversations with the construction workers during the project. Therefore, if you have a question about the work or design, please ask High Point staffers who will get an answer for you or direct you to the right person to get the answer. Of course, we ask you to stay out of the construction areas. If you lose a ball to the construction area, come inside and we will replace it.

We will periodically update you on the status of the project. In the meantime, feel free to ask us about the exciting things happening at High Point.

Coming in Fall, 2020

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