Tennis Classes

High Point offers group tennis lessons for youth starting at age five up through teens and adults. Click on a link to learn more about class format, length of classes, class levels, schedule, cost and how to register.

Structure of Tennis Classes & Fees During “Open Texas Phase One”

The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, and the City of Plano have allowed High Point Tennis Center to reopen, but under strict limitations on the number of players per court and the number of players per instructor.  Currently, under Phase One, no more than four players are allowed per court and the maximum player/instructor ratio is 4:1.  While the 4:1 ratio is very beneficial for instructional purposes, it increases the cost of instruction per hour per player.  Consequently, our rate per hour per student has gone up from about a $12-17 range to $20-21 range per hour. 

We would prefer to offer a higher player/instructor ratio and the corresponding lower cost per player per hour.  However, we must follow the restrictions closely, and we will return to our usual ratios and rates ASAP.  Please bear with us as we all deal with these challenging times. 

The dates, fees, and session length are correct on The Parks and Recreation website, Recreation Online!, while the info in Plano Recreation summer brochure  is outdated and inaccurate.