Youth Tennis Classes

It’s great to live in Texas, where the weather enables us to offer group lessons year-round! There are three age groups: 5 to 7 year olds, 8 to 10 year olds, and 11 to 12 year olds. Within each age group, instruction combines drills with high paced, interactive games. The goal is to instill a love of the game by keeping students engaged while improving their skills. A tiered format is used to support this goal, by providing progressively more challenging class levels.

Everything you need to know

class schedule, length, & how to register

Class Schedule Format

Weekday Options: 

Either Monday and Wednesday OR Tuesday and Thursday. Classes are held twice a week for generally three (3) weeks.

Weekend Options: Either Saturday OR Sunday. Sessions generally run for four (4) weeks.

Length of Class Format

All Pee Wee classes are 45 minutes in length.

All 8-12 year old classes are 1 hour each time on weekdays or 1.5 hours each time on the weekend.

To Register

Find your desired age group. Then click on the  link. This will re-direct you to Recreation Online. There you may view all class offerings and complete registration. You are also welcome to call High Point Tennis Center for assistance with registration.

Five to seven year olds

In Pee Wee I and Pee Wee II, fun is the name of the game! Interactive games are incorporated into tennis fundamentals such as proper stance, how to hold the racquet, eye-hand coordination and basic strokes. Classes are taught on our “Quick Start” courts. This means that equipment and court dimensions are “kid friendly” with smaller dimensions, lower nets, larger, slightly depressurized balls, and smaller racquets.

Each class is 45 minutes in length. Since the session goes quickly it is not uncommon for students to repeat a class. The goal is to ensure that they will thrive at the next level. At the end of each session, parents should ask instructors for input on the next suggested class level.

eight to twelve year olds

Classes for 8-10 year olds are held on our Quick Start courts, while classes for 11-12 year olds are held on the regular courts. Class levels are the same: Beginner, Advanced Beginner I, and Advanced Beginner II. Classes are like building blocks – with each progression continuing to develop proper mechanics, stroke development and introduction of the serve, score-keeping, and basics of match play.

The class schedule is the same as Pee Wee. However, weekday classes are one hour in length, and weekend classes are one and one-half hours. At the end of each session, parents should ask instructors for input on the next suggested class level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is the Cancellation Policy?

Withdrawals must be requested at least two weeks before the start of a class to receive a full refund. Withdrawals done at least one week in advance, will receive a credit to their account. NOTE: Withdrawals for medical reasons are allowed at any time. However, you MUST provide a doctor’s note.


Do I need an account?

You must set up an account through Plano Parks and Recreation before signing up for tennis activities. This includes: Group classes, Adult Leagues, and Adult Tennis Workouts.

CLICK HERE, to be re-directed.

How do I register for an activity?

Registration for programs is done through the Plano Parks and Recreation Department. Anyone may participate in Parks and Rec programs –you do NOT have to be a Plano, TX resident. Click on any “Sign Up” button to be re-directed to their site. Use the search bar and filters to find the activity you want. Then add the activity to your cart and check out. You may also call or stop by High Point.

What is the tennis background of your instructors?

Our instructors have extensive teaching experience. Most of them have personal bios posted on our site. Instructors are either professionally certified through a national tennis organization: USPTA or PTR, have extensive teaching experience or a combination of both. 

And yes! They are all excellent tennis players who have personally won various tournaments, awards, and titles throughout their careers.

What class level should my child(ren) start at?

If your child has never played tennis, has not played recently, or has never competed, we encourage you to read the brief descriptions above to find the best starting point.

You may also call or stop by High Point to receive advice from a staff member.

Do you offer evaluations?

Free evaluations are held weekly on TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS (you only need to attend once):

6:00 P.M. (FOR AGES 10 THROUGH 17)

6:15 P.M. (FOR AGES 9 & UNDER)

Evaluations are geared to prospective students who have prior tennis experience. This may be through participation in group classes or private lessons elsewhere, or participation on a school team. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to complete a brief form. No appointment is necessary.